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What is Kettle Corn Bros?

Corn, Corn oil, sugar, and salt. That’s it! Basic goodness. All natural. Gluten free. Each batch is popped, mixed and packaged by hand. We found the perfect corn that pops up with just the right amount of nooks and crannies to hold that tasty combination of sweet and salty. One handful and you’ll be hooked.

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Kettle Corn at an Event

Perfect for any event


Increase your sales for your Concessions


Fundraising made easy



Corn, Corn oil, Sugar, and Salt.

That's it! All Natural, Gluten Free, Amazing taste

Kettle Corn Bros is popped locally FRESH! For You!

Kettle Corn Bros started in 2023 as a desire to make your events easy and successful.

The business was started by brothers who love working together as a family and love to help others find joy. Kettle corn allows us to share the fun and bring a little something extra to your events. And we get to do it as a family.

Kettle Corn Bags

Kettle Corn Bros also supplies concession stands, event venues, farm markets and stores.


Are you hosting an event?

Every Pop is a Party.… Kettle Corn Bros! It’s the perfect addition to everything from weddings to Christmas parties to corporate picnics. Our gluten free, healthy snack is loved by all as a special treat. Consider providing bags of Kettle Corn Bros, Kettle Corn, as a gift or favor for your guests. Or, you can purchase a quantity from us at a reduced rate and sell it at your event, as a fund raiser. We can even customize a label for your bags or tubs. So many options.

We offer a variety of package sizes, one is sure to be perfect for your next event:

  • Large bag (19 ounces)
  • Medium bag (10 ounces)
  • Small bag (8 ounces)
Booth Setup

Kettle Corn Bros is a hit:

  • Community/Neighborhood events
  • Holiday Events
  • Corporate Picnic/Party
  • School events
  • Conference
  • Trade Show

We also do Wedding Favors!


Kettle Corn is the perfect addition to your concession stand. It’s delivered fresh to you, already popped and packaged, so it cuts down on the hands-on-deck you need. Plus, it’s something different and everyone loves it. This gluten free, healthy snack means you’ll have fans lined up for more. For concessions, it’s packaged in a heat-sealed bag, available in a variety of sizes, so it stays fresh for an extended period of time.

Who’s been selling Kettle Corn at their concession stand?

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Farmer's Markets
  • Athletic Venues
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Fundraising Events
Working at the Event


Simple, Easy, Profitable

  • One Product, One Price, One size, One flavor
  • Easy to sell
  • Simple to deliver
  • Good Value and price
  • A treat people will want to purchase again and again

We supply your organization with everything you need!

We’ll supply you with info sheets, order forms and we can help you set your sales goals. Your organization can take the orders for Kettle Corn Bros in advance or you can order a quantity and sell it at your game or event. Or both!

How much can you make?

We offer kettle corn in several sizes. We suggest you pick one size to sell, to keep things easy for everyone. The actual price you pay will depend on the size you choose. You then have the freedom to sell the kettle corn at the price you determine. We suggest a 50% markup.

Fundraising Setup

For example, if you have 20 members in your organization and each person sells 5 tubs, that’s a profit of $400. And you can sell way more than that! That’s a big profit for your organization!

It's Easy to Get Started!

  1. We’ll supply you with free sales sheets/order forms for your members
  2. Sell to family, neighbors, friends, coworkers and collect their money up front
  3. Contact Kettle Corn Bros with your total and submit payment
  4. Kettle Corn Bros will be delivered to your members at a central location within two weeks of receiving your order totals and payment
  5. Your members promptly deliver Kettle Corn Bros-Kettle Corn to happy patrons!

Steps to Successful Fundraising

  1. Set a Goal. Decide how much money you need to raise.
  2. Calculate how many tubs or bags each of your members should sell to at least meet your goal and challenge each member to exceed that goal.
  3. Set your timeline:
    • Set a date to hand out the sales/order brochure to your members
    • Set a date as the deadline for all orders to be turned in to your fundraiser coordinator
    • Set a deadline date to turn in the tally of the orders and let Kettle Corn Bros know how much Kettle Corn you need
    • Set a delivery date for your group to pick up their Kettle Corn Bros - Kettle Corn

More Ideas:

  • You can also order a quantity and set up at high traffic locations (grocery stores, shopping centers, sporting events, etc.) to sell on the spot.

Contact Us

Phone Number: (602) 753-7837


Where in the world is Kettle Corn Bros?

Tucson, Arizona

If you’d like to order online, please contact us for more information.

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